Making your site easy for search engines to find, search engine optimisation (SEO), andsearch engine marketing (SEM) are key parts of e-commerce.In this document, we will show you how ePages is designed to work with search enginesand show you what you can do to improve your ranking in the search engines. This has todo both with appearing in the search engines and with placement and weighting (forexample, PageRank).

It is important to mention that some of the methods used by search engines for indexing

and rating are not publicly known and change with time. The topics here therefore do not

claim to be complete. The aim is to present relevant concepts and their implementation

and introduce some basic things that a shop or website operator can do. However, no

guarantee is provided that you will achieve a top ranking if you follow these suggestions.

We consulted a large pool of experts and attended a number of workshops with SEO

specialists such as eprofessional (, Alan Webb

( and consulted diverse sources about this

topic (such as to create this document.

To learn about the technical details of ePages 6, consult the Technical White paper.

Further information about the administration of your shop can be found in the online Help

and the corresponding user guide.

What ePages 6 offers for SEO out-of-the-box

In this introductory chapter, various SEO techniques will be discussed, most of which you

as a user cannot directly influence. You can read about what you can do to optimise your

shop for the search engines in the next chapter.


Session IDs often generate long chains of letters and numbers in the URL, (starting with

"ID=" or "session=") and include a number of parameters (represented in the URL with

question marks "?" followed by characters interspersed with ampersands "&"). These do

not work well with search engines.

» ePages 6 does not use session IDs in the URL1.

» In addition, the ePages 6 URL usually uses only one URL parameter.

1 Some areas of the shop do not need to be indexed in a search engine. At times, indexing could also be undesirable,

examples being the shopping basket or the My Account area. ePages 6 prevents indexing of these pages by using the


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